Simone?! Satchell


Simone?! Satchell is a Black Trans Queer Non-binary differently-abled artist, originally hailing from Staten Island, NY. Simone currently lives in The Bronx.  Simone completed his desire to reside in all 5 boroughs when he moved to Queens in 2016.  He completed his undergraduate education at Queens College, obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2008. He served as a Public Ally Fellow at the Queens Museum as the Coordinator of OST Youth and Family Programs where he worked with families and youth in different out of school time capacities from 2015-2017.

Simone’s art is a means of working through his mind's pathways and his best tool for communicating.  He has developed a deep passion for using artistic expression to help foster healing within himself and to help others experience the same types of freedoms that have proven to be life-saving for him.

In 2016, Simone?! organized and facilitated the Set on Freedom retreat with 4 other interdisciplinary artists to explore the question: How do we work as a community to open up space and support for artists and communities whose main concern is daily survival in order to thrive?  He created a 3 part drawing series for families at Centro Corona (formerly known as Immigrant Movement International Corona),as well, in 2016.

Simone?! hopes to create programming and curriculum for intergenerational folks of varying abilities to learn and use art processes as a means of collaboration, communication and healing.

In 2018, Simone?!, along with other Black Trans and Gender Non-Conforming folks with varying talents, founded BTGNC Resource, a platform to share resource for and by Black Trans and Gender Non-Conforming community.

In 2018, through Centro Corona’s Defense Committee, Simone represented Centro Corona in Hate Free Zone Queens’ Arts & Culture Committee. Simone collaborated with chivita espacial of GAP and Centro Corona and Cecilia Lim of Ugnayan to create portraits of women and gender non-corforming folx associated with keeping Amazon out of Queens.

Artist Statement

My first language is visual.  I dig the surface presentation aspect of NYC. Buildings, beings, structures, everything has its layers, history, colors, textures and patterns.  In every piece I show the intersections of the existent representations of community and my experience and relationships.  I am drawn to portraiture because it sparked my interest in visual storytelling and the endless ways something can be seen and shown.  The visual representation and exploration of relating and sharing time with others and myself and all the forms we take over time. I am a New Yorker who has experienced that communities are constantly moving, consistently displaced and changing.  I utilize my self-portraits to explore how I see myself and to process my external transition and how my internal intersects.  

Every identity that compiles my being has been met with community, resilience, love, misunderstanding, stigmas, misrepresentation, systemized oppression and underestimation.

My goal is to combine art, community building and healing. Art was how I learned to communicate, process and foster healing within myself.  Black, Indigenous, POC, transgender and gender expansive folks, disabled and differently- abled individuals, queer people and New Yorkers as I encompass these intersections and the need for safe, uplifting spaces.  Other themes covered in my work are symbols, the senses, animals, intersectionality of storytelling, imagery derived from my lifetime as a New York City nomad.

(b. 1983, Staten Island, New York)


2008     Queens College, Bachelor of Fine Arts


2006    The Moveable Feast, Midnight Snack, Center Stage, NY

2006    The Moveable Feast, Pick Up Sticks, NY


2009    Junior Paleontologist, National Park Service, p. 4, 6, 8, 12, 15, 21

Community Engagement:

2019/2020 Gender Conference NYC, Middle School Ptogram Lead, Zine Making

2016   Set On Freedom Retreat, Organizer/Facilitator,  Open A.I.R. Artist Service Program,                   Queens Museum

How do we work as a community to open up space and support for artists and communities whose main concern is daily survival in order to thrive?

2016   ¡¿Dibujas?! ¡¿Simone?!, Immigrant Movement International Corona, Queens Museum

3- session bilingual family art workshops

Work Experience:

2017-2018      Artist Assistant, Cannon Hersey

2015-2017          Coordinator of Out of School Time and Family Programs, Queens Museum


2021 Moblie Print Power x Navaja Press, Propagate

2020    Create Change, Laundromat Project, Brooklyn, NY

2017    Not Yet Free, 1 Future, Brooklyn, Bronx, NY

2000  Cooper Union Saturday Program New York, NY